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Have you applied SEO in your online marketing? In roofing company, website now has been key to success because they gain more customers from there. Besides they build their marketing, they also upgrade the service so it could boost the profit and could make the company even bigger than yesterday. Talking about SEO application on your website or whole internet marketing, then we should do online review management for roofers. It could be meant in two definitions. First, it could be on how you manage your online reviewers toward your roofing company. You have to keep being nice and friendly when you want to engage with your reviewer. You also have to make sure that you give enough feedback when they have reviewed your service. Second, it could be about online review management for roofers that talk about how far your internet marketing works and how effective the strategy you have been running for your company. Thus, when you want to get improvement on both profit and also customers, you have to evaluate your work. It is important to have holistic online review management for roofers. Here are quick and useful online review management. Make sure that you do all steps.

See the traffic data

Online review management for roofers could be done by seeing the traffic data. When the traffic is low, then you have to review the SEO you have done, and also the promotion you have done. You could see the ads performance and also the contents you have created to attract more traffic. It is essential for you to always check the datum of your traffic because you can know how effective you have been working for your roofing marketing. It is understood easily when you can see from the traffic rather than analyzing false information you might get from real result.

Check all social media performance

Another thing you could do for online review is social media performance. You can check the insight from every social media account then you can see how good it works for your roofing marketing. When you can see the lowest performance, you could evaluate from there and see the ways to improve the performance of your social media.

Traffic-customer converter

Traffic-customer converter is the last thing you could do for online review management for roofers. You could see how good it is when you can convert traffic into potential buyers that you can improve the profit of your roofing business.